Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful

New Album From Action Bronson

3/5, 11 votes
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  1. Icantspell

    01. Brand New Car
    02. When I Rise
    03. Terry
    04. Actin Crazy
    05. Falconry
    06. City Boy Blues
    07. A Light In the Addict
    08. Baby Blue
    09. In Those Jeans
    10. Only In America
    11. Galatic Love
    12. The Road
    13. Easy Rider​

Recent Reviews

  1. Bomb 1st
    Bomb 1st
    Version: 2015-03-17
    Good beats, goodlyrics, hilarious adlibs
  2. yawn
    Version: 2015-03-17
    lyrics are sub standard even for today's standards
  3. unseen
    Version: 2015-03-17
    awesome rock samples and funny punchlines/jokes. more musically rich than his previous more straightforward work. a new york rapper that still represents new york as it should be.
  4. Yayo Toure
    Yayo Toure
    Version: 2015-03-17
    Very underwhelming effort from Bronson. If you were following the lead up to the album, then you've heard all the hot songs on it. Every other song is terrible and not as good as his mixtape tracks.
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