Andre 3000-Alter Ego The Mixtape-2008

2008 Mixtape Andre 3000

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  1. We Ready

    1. intro ft. lil wayne
    2. royal flush ft. big boi
    3. art of story telling ft. dj drama
    4. international player
    5. 30 something ft. jay-z
    6. you ft. lloyd nas
    7. everybody
    8. throw some ds
    9. walk it out
    10. a day in the life of andre benjamin
    11. long way to go ft. gwen stefani
    12. millionaire ft. kelis
    13. she lives in my lap
    14. prototype
    15. pink and blue
    16. chronomentrophobia
    17. greatest show on earth ft. macy gray
    18. boogie man ft. big gip
    19. necterine ft. cherokee
    20. junglebook
    21. trans df express
    22. spottiottiedogaliscious
    23. liberation ft. erykah badu cee lo big boi
    24. humble mumble ft. big boi erykah badu
    25. so fresh so clean
    26. hollywood divorce ft. snoop dogg lil wayne
    27. what a job ft. devin the dude snoop dogg
    28. get up git out
    29. watch for the hook ft. coolbreeze
    30. streets talking ft. slick rick


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