Big Gipp - Mr. Get Down

New Big Gipp Mixtape

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  1. Brooklynzson
    01. Whats My Name
    02. Bricks Down South Feat. Notorious BIG
    03. Paradise Life
    04. Boxed Up Shawty
    05. Pots Still Jumpin
    06. Peach Soda Feat. 2 Chain
    07. Sugar, Cocoa & Honey
    08. Damn That Booty Big
    09. Luv U Better
    10. Enterprise
    11. Cant Blame Me
    12. (PSA) Do That
    13. Lincoln Park Party Feat. Mitchy Slick
    14. Paint Where It Aint Feat. T Mo Khujo Snoop Dogg & Andre Truth
    15. What Would I Do Feat. Calvin Richardson
    16. Its Yours Feat. Kamaar Gistan & Janet Journey
    17. Push Dat Line Feat. Scotty ATL
    18. Trippin Feat. Trinidad James
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