Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise

Dark Sky Paradise, the third album from American rapper Big Sean.

4.3125/5, 16 votes
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  1. Icantspell
    Release Date: February 24th, 2015


    1. Dark Sky (Skyscrapers)
    2. Blessings (Feat. Drake)
    3. All Your Fault (Feat. Kanye West)
    4. I Don’t F**k With You (Feat. E-40)
    5. Play No Games (Feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign)
    6. Paradise (Extended)
    7. Win Some, Lose Some
    8. Stay Down
    9. I Know (Feat. Jhené Aiko)
    10. Deep (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)
    11. One Man Can Change the World (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend)
    12. Outro

    Deluxe Edition:
    13. Deserve It (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
    14. Research (Feat. Ariana Grande)
    15. Platinum and Wood

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Recent Reviews

  1. OfTheCross
    Version: 2015-02-16
    best mainstream album this year
  2. casamayor
    Version: 2015-02-16
    his best album
  3. Jimmy ValenTime
    Jimmy ValenTime
    Version: 2015-02-16
    a solid project; fluid, good replay value;

    needs some stronger hooks here and there should have saved 1st quarter freestyle for the intro ...

    Drake and kanye rap features are on auto pilot
  4. 50CentStan
    Version: 2015-02-16
    sean is a cancer to rap music, dude sucks, terrible voice, terrible delivery, terrible topics, fake story, ugly, c00n dating a tween looking white fake mariah carey, grew up rapping about being a virgin till marriage, switched character, got the OVO stimulus and still terrible, wishes he was a top tier rapper like Drake. lets sum it up Shawn is a #fakkit
    Version: 2015-02-16
    Finally a sonically cohesive product from Big Sean. This album is everything we expected from his debut sequel and more. Various topics, flows, melodies and, of course, Sean's forte - clever word play. This joint will be on repeat. 2015 is looking great for hip hop so far.
  6. evasive
    Version: 2015-02-16
    soft cushiony
  7. wire28
    Version: 2015-02-16
    best piece of work in his career. various flows, touches on different topics, great production, great wit and punchlines
  8. The_King_of_Everything
    Version: 2015-02-16
    Better than what I thought
  9. Mixerr Reviews
    Mixerr Reviews
    Version: 2015-02-16
    Big Sean has potential as an artist from Detroit to release a numerous string of albums. Big Sean is the next rap superstar to come out of Detroit along with Danny Brown. Adding well known songwriters to contribute for this album such as John Legend, Kayne West, Lil Wayne, and Jhene Aiko was a smart music business move.
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