Black Milk – No Poison No Paradise

Album From Detroit Producer/Rapper Black Milk

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  1. IronFist


    01. Interpret Sabotage (feat. Mel)
    02. Deion’s House
    03. Codes & Cab Fare (feat. Black Thought)
    04. Ghetto Demf (feat. Quelle Chris)
    05. Sonny Jr. (Dreams) (feat. Robert Glasper & Dwele)
    06. Sunday’s Best
    07. Monday’s Worst
    08. Perfected On Puritan Ave.
    09. Dismal
    10. Parallels (feat. Ab)
    11. X Chords
    12. Black Sabbath (feat. Tone Trezure)
    13. Money Bags (Paradise)​
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