Cambatta – LSD: Lunar Solar Duality

Cambatta Drops His latest Project "LSD: Lunar Solar Duality"

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  1. IronFist


    01. BloodMoon feat. Nomxolisi Ndlangana
    02. Bones Of Osiris
    03. 33 feat. Kenny Buttons
    04. nXggXr chrXst
    05. Sun Of Whorus
    06. Fall Of Feinix
    07. Scale Of Anubis feat. Natural Onyx
    08. NuMirrorcal
    09. 24ours feat. Red Pillar
    10. nXggXria tXsla feat. Songbird
    11. Grand Number TheoRam (GNT 1;1)
    12. Mic El JahXsun
    13. L.S.D…
    14. Lunar Soular feat. Songbird
    15. Psylense Of The Lambatta feat. Songbird
    16. Wings Of Icarus feat. Jamall Ray
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