Dat Boi Vic – The Child Not Embraced

Dat Boi Vic Drops His latest project "The Child Not Embraced"

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  1. IronFist
    01. Night Time Mind Traveler
    02. Blood Cotton
    03. Snipers Breath
    04. American Me
    05. Turners Revenge feat. Elzhi
    06. Unchained feat. Kure
    07. Pyrimids to Project
    08. The Magickian
    09. Peace To Huey
    10. Blood Diamonds
    11. Finally Free
    12. We Are The Aliens
    13. A New Stairway To Magic
    14. Minstrel Show feat. Rambo Sambo
    15. Political Prisoners feat. Kure
    16. The Wise Elder
    17. Another Chapter feat. Gabrielle B.
    18. Kill Anything That Moves
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