Kxng Crooked - Good VS Evil

Latest From Long Beach Rapper Kxng Crooked (Crooked I)

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  1. IronFist


    1 A Just Message (Intro) (with Just Blaze)
    2 Welcome To Planet X (We're Coming For You) (with Eminem & The Observer) [Explicit]
    3 Dem People (with Xzibit & SAS)
    4 Robocop Went Pop
    5 Rebel Party (with The Observer)
    6 I Want To Kill You
    7 CrazyPsychoLoco
    8 Intergalactic Hustling (with Boroc)
    9 Revolutionary Funk (with P Funk Pavarotti)
    10 Shoot Back (Dear Officer) (with Tech N9ne)
    11 Obey (Kxng's Speech)
    12 The Oath
    13 Kxng Tut
    14 Puppet Master (with RZA, KinG! & The Observer)

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  1. Juggalo Fred
    Juggalo Fred
    Version: 2016-10-22
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