Lil Wayne And The Sqad-SQ4 (Collectors Edition)

Sqad Up Mixtape Series

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  1. We Ready

    01.Intro [01:41]
    02.We Ready [04:25]
    03.Weezy Baby [02:25]
    04.Guess Whos Back [04:03]
    05.Addictive [03:06]
    06.Holla at Them Boyz [04:50]
    07.I Got Us [02:57]
    08.Big Pimpin [03:03]
    09.Murder this shyt [03:43]
    10.Get High [02:43]
    11.Best of Me [03:16]
    12.U Don't Wanna fukk Wit the Sqad [04:34]
    13.Renegades [04:40]
    14.Aww Naw [04:07]
    15.Think It's A Game [03:18]
    16.Sqad Dis Out [04:15]
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