Mach-Hommy – Pray For Haiti

Mach-Hommy drops his latest "Pray For Haiti"

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  1. AMcV'88
    01. The 26th Letter (Prod. By Denny Laflare)
    02. No Blood No Sweat (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk)
    03. Folie Á Deux (Feat. Westside Gunn & Keisha Plum) (Prod. By Conductor Williams)
    04. Makrel Jaxon (Prod. By Conductor Williams)
    05. The Stellar Ray Theory (Prod. By Conductor Williams)
    06. Marie (Prod. By Cee Gee)
    07. Leta Yo (Skit)
    08. Kriminel (Prod. By Nicholas Craven)
    09. Pen Rale (Prod. By Sadhugold)
    10. Murder CZN (Feat. Westside Gunn) (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk)
    11. Magnum Band (Feat. Tha God Fahim) (Prod. By Messiah Musik)
    12. Rami (Feat. Westside Gunn) (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk)
    13. Kreyol (Skit)
    14. Au Revoir (Prod. By DJ Green Lantern)
    15. Blockchain (Prod. By Camoflauge Monk)
    16. Ten Boxes/Sin Eater (Prod. By Denny Laflare)

Recent Reviews

  1. SupaVillain
    Version: 2021-05-21
    mach hommy is an icon.
  2. Nero Christ
    Nero Christ
    Version: 2021-05-21
    cohesive album featuring Mach at his most focused and direct lyrically. Gunn crafts a sound that allows Mach to reach listeners he may have alienated before. Also, the reuniting of the 2 is something Hip Hop fans should celebrate.
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