Nas - The Infamous Mixtape

Mixtape containing Queensbridge MC Nas classic verses & song over Mobb Deep's Havoc Production

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  1. IronFist


    Fast Life ft Kool G Rap / The Start of your Ending 0:00
    Thieve's Theme / Survival of the Fittest 03:15
    Mastermind / Eye for an Eye 06:27
    Get Down (Ja Rule New York) / Give up the Goods 10:37
    Revolutionary Warfare/ Temperatures Rising 14:20
    One Love / Up North Trip 17.50
    What goes around / Trife Life 22:25
    Every Ghetto / Hectic 27:30
    Metal Thingz ( Get Yourself a Gun) / Right Back at You 30:26
    Street Glory / Cradle to the Grave 34:35
    Nas Is Like / Drink Away the Pain 37:45
    No Ideas Original / Shook Ones Part II 40:25
    The Bridge is Over / The Party's Over 43:11​

Recent Reviews

  1. Passaro
    Version: 2016-11-13
    Put me on some nice mixes
  2. Brosef
    Version: 2016-11-13
    Unbelievable blend
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