OG Maco - 15 EP

New Ep From OG Maco

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  1. Brooklynzson
    01. I Am Not Perfect (Prod. LConTheTraxx)
    02. Big Bucks (Prod. Sledgren)
    03. Homies (Prod. Jake Butcher)
    04. Night Like This (prod. Ricky P)
    05. Championship (Prod. TM 88)
    06. How Im Feelin (Prod. Twan On The Beat)
    07. The New Kid (Prod. Duckomcfli)
    08. Mirror Mirror (Prod. TM 88)
    09. Legends (prod. MetroBoomin)
    10. Long Nights (Prod. Brandon Thomas)
    11. 15 (prod. Miguel Brücker)
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