Rick Ross - Foreclosures

Latest Single From Rozay

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  1. cook

    Both Jeezy and Rick Ross teased fans over the weekend, taking to Instagram to hint that new music from either gangsta rapper was on the way. Ricky Rozay, on his part, leaked the art for "Foreclosures" yesterday, and now we get the record as well as an album release date (in a similar fashion, Jeezy dropped "God" this morning along with his own album release date).

    Ross' new single will be quickly followed by an entire album though, with Black Dollar dropping this Thursday-- September 3rd. He's avoiding the industry rule of dropping on a Friday (so perhaps that means it'll be a free album?), while he's also following what's become a common practice these days, of giving fans little-to-no warning about an album's release.

    "Foreclosures" is produced by Justice League & 8 Bars, and basically sounds exactly like what you'd expect from a Rick Ross song, with a bit of soul and a bit of street tales.
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