Rome Streetz x Ransom – Coup De Grâce

Rome Streetz x Ransom connect for Coup De Grâce

5/5, 3 votes
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  1. IronFist
    KnowledgeIsQueen dapped this.

Recent Reviews

  1. oO J Smooth Oo
    oO J Smooth Oo
    Version: 2021-10-30
  2. LevelUp
    Version: 2021-10-30
    Fire album. 9/10
    Fav tracks : Claudine, Jet Fuel, No Remorse, Rooftop Sermons
  3. KingsOfKings
    Version: 2021-10-30
    Quiet Possibly 1 of the best albums released in the month of October. Back to Back bars and punchlines. Anybody that's hating on this album is obviously hating, nitpicking and opinion (s) aren't worth a damn.
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