Skyzoo - Beats 1 Freestyle on “The Pharmacy”

Skyzoo drop a freestyle on Dr. Dre 's "The Pharmacy"

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  1. IronFist

    A few months ago, I did a freestyle for the God Dr. Dre’s Pharmacy show on Beats 1 radio, which was played on the show and rang off online upon it airing. That being said, I decided to formally release it on the ‘net for you all, being that it’s one of my favorite freestyles (which by the way was completely off the top, no writtens or lines from the tuck), with some of my favorite bar work, over one of my favorite beats. Enjoy, and do remember, tomorrow, Saturday May 14th is the “Power of Words” writing workshop in Brooklyn NY. Log on to for info on how to get tickets, exact location and how to get involved. -Skyzoo
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