Starlito - Theories

New Starlito Mixtape

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  1. Brooklynzson
    01. WTH Freestyle [Prod. By Fisticuffs]
    02. Own 2 [Prod. By Celsizzle]
    03. Crazy (Feat. Petty) [Prod. By Bandplay]
    04. Grinded Up A Check [Prod. By 30 Rocc]
    05. Tell U Dat (Feat. Trouble) [Prod. By Spiffy]
    06. Genius Wrote It (Feat. Tha City Paper And Petty) [Prod. By Gotham City]
    07. fukk Shopping (Feat. Quanie Cash And West) [Prod. By Bandplay]
    08. Theories [Prod. By Bandplay]
    09. Free Mac [Prod. By Don Lee]
    10. Mo Betta (Feat. Wilx) [Prod. By Slam]
    11. Trillumanti [Prod. By DJ Yung Stylez]
    12. Feelings [Prod. By Cheese]
    13. Produced By Street Symphony [Prod. By Street Symphony]
    14. No Rearview Two (Feat. Don Trip) [Prod. By Celsizzle]
    15. The Art of Regret [Prod. By Lavish]
    16. G. Thomas (1991-2013) [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]
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