Substance810 & Onaje Jordan – A Righteous Offering

Substance810 & Onaje Jordan connect for "A Righteous Offering"

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  1. IronFist
    01. Watercolores feat. Lupus Dei
    02. A Righteous Offering feat. Killy Shoot
    03. Euro feat. Ethemadassassin & NuCzn
    04. Savage Lands / May It Be Swift
    05. Fool Proof
    06. The Pulpit feat. Philmatic365
    07. Power Barz feat. Josiah The Gift
    08. Lake Of Fire
    09. Grim Predictions feat. Chuck Chan & DJ Grazzhoppa
    10. Hometown Hero feat. Ethemadassassin & DJ Grazzhoppa
    11. That’s My Heart feat. M.A.V.
    12. Road 2 Glory feat. Deuce Hennessy
    13. Memorabilia feat. J. Arrr
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