Webbie - Money Good

New Webbie Mixtape

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  1. Brooklynzson
    1. All Dat shyt
    2. Bang Bang
    3. fukk Friend ft. Foxx wav
    4. Ridah ft. Wankaego & Kym Mcoy
    5. Live By Die By
    6. fukk Y’all nikkas
    7. Oh Yea ft. Wankaego
    8. Do What It Do ft. Casey Boys of Jagged Edge & Wankaego
    9. fukk U ft. Lil Phat & Foxx
    10. I’m Trill ft. Lil Trill & Shell
    11. What I Been Thru ft. Rain
    12. U Bad (Webbie ft. Wankaego)
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