Your Old Droog - Kinison EP

New Ep From Your Old Droog

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  1. Brooklynzson
    01. Intro
    02. Blood (Prod. by El RTNC)
    03. Porno For Pyros (Prod. By DJ Skizz)
    04. Sonic Youth (Prod. By Marco Polo)
    05. Homicide (Prod. by El RTNC)
    06. Rage Against The Machine (Prod. by El RTNC)
    07. Freeway Fire (Prod. By El RTNC)
    08. Gentrify My Hood (Prod. by DJ Skizz)
    09. Sasquatch In A UFO (Prod. By DJ Skizz)
    10. Get The Paper (Prod. by El RTNC)
    11. Mule Juice Outro (Prod. By DJ Skizz)
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