1. NoirDynosaur

    Sean Paul's run in the 2000's was a phenomenon!

    Sean Paul had the Dancehall movement on smash:wow:
  2. 85 East

    80's, 90's, and early 2000's Nostalgia

    I'm currently working on my 80sFavoriteBabies podcast. Basically going to be a nostalgia podcast, talking about the shyt we grew up on, classic pop culture moments, and moments in history that got us here. I'm thinking my first episode will be on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It set the bar...
  3. FluffyEyes

    Ciara received her masters for free from label

    That is absolutely insane to me. :ohhh: Good on her for taking advantage of their underestimation of her work. Even if you don't like Ciara's recent hits, her 2000s catalog is worth something. All those hits she had. That's not even all of them
  4. Leasy

    Is Steph winning his fourth Finals putting Lebron Era to the back burner for the 00s

    If Steph and the Warriors win their fourth championship this season would Steph impact and era be bigger than Lebron??? I think when it all said and done Steph will be remembered more than Lebron for changing the game and being the greatest shooter ever. He will also have a better finals record...
  5. Versace Joffrey

    Creh didn’t know what to do with that Nympho Pawg, lmao

    Creh, didn’t know what to do with shawty:wow: She gave him cues and he just stood there like:mjgrin: From her saying... -I work for a porn company -I prefer to swallow not spit -What kind of kinks are you into -What kind of sex do you prefer? softcore or hardcore Creh talkin bout "y do we...
  6. JadeB

    Y'all remember Adult Swim?

    Tik tok has a dope new trend based on old adult swim bumpers and I fukks with it totally A couple repeats btw
  7. Mr Rager

    Slam It or Jam It: Vol I--Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

    Rules 1. The Coli will be judging a number of hits from the late 2000's-2010's 2. You simply vote whether you still listen to the song, or if it has aged poorly 3. Users rate the designated song on a scale of Slam It or Jam It (Jam It being:noah: status, Slam It being :scust: status) 4. The...
  8. Unknown Poster

    I made this track 18 years ago to this day...

    And the remix I can't believe that I've been doing this for so long y'all. I remember I was a freshman living in Ohio at the time going to college. I got my first computer (a sony vaio desktop)...it had screenblast acid pro preinstalled. I made so many tracks...was hanging out with a bunch...
  9. Carlton Banks

    Why did spinning rims go out of style so quickly?

    shyt was popping from 03-06 and then after that it just went dead. I know in the South they're still relevant in certain hoods but I'm talking about in general. What happened?
  10. Days of Future Piff

    What is the GOAT decade for black music? (poll)

    For me it's a tough call between the 70s and 80s. The 70s were full of innovation and top quality soul, funk, and R&B: Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Maze ft. Frankie Beverly, Stevie Wonder, P-Funk, Sly and the Family Stone, Mandrill, and so much more. :ahh: But the 80s gave us Whitney...
  11. Kidd Dibiase

    Every Royal Rumble WWE Championship Promo ( 1991 - 2019 )

  12. Homey the clown

    What early 2000's fashion trend do want come back

    What fashion trend from the early 2000's do you want to see make a comeback? For me I want to see throwback jerseys make a comeback. I've been watching a lot of videos from that era and it seems like every other Rap or R&b music video someone is wearing a throwback Jersey. Some of you will...
  13. MikeyC

    SPIN of a SPIN: Best Rap Single of the 00s - 2000

    Shoutout to man like @DANJ!, @dora_da_destroyer and @FreshAIG for the 90s threads. Lets keep this great thread idea flowing into the new Millennium. Pretty simple really, just pick your favourite record from the first your of the 21st century.
  14. King Static X

    The Iraq War is now 15 years old

    Fifteen years later, photos of the US invasion of Iraq offer a rare lens on war In a foxhole, 15 years ago today. (Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach) WRITTEN BY Johnny Simon Today is the 15th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, and a look back at photos from that time reveals an increasingly...
  15. DANJ!

    NEW MIX... DJ DANJ!! with THE SCIENCE (pt. ONE)... listen UP

    Playing everything... from Migos to Michael Jackson to Future to Eurythmics to Sean Paul to Kendrick to Beastie Boys to Mary J. to the Cure to Goldlink to daft punk to OT Genasis to Bucketheads to Bruno Mars to SWV to Crime Mob to Lenny Kravitz... and a lot more... many genres, many eras, many...
  16. DANJ!


    1- Get the Bozack- EPMD/ 2- Get At Me Dog- DMX/ 3- Ill Bomb- LL Cool J/ 4- Rock Da Spot- Redman/ 5- Crooklyn- Crooklyn Dodgers/ 6- Mad Izm- Channel Live w/ KRS-One/ 7- Poisonous Darts- Ghostface Killa/ 8- Criminology- Raekwon & Ghostface/ 9- Glaciers of Ice- Raekwon/ 10- Meth vs. Chef- Method...
  17. DANJ!

    NEW: #TBT: I Miss R&B :-( PART TWO of FOUR by DJ DANJ!!

    1- Computer Love- ZAPP, 2- I Wanna Be Your Man- Roger, 3- Tell Me If You Still Care- SOS Band, 4- Pop Pop Pop Pop- Levert, 5- Show Me- Glenn Jones, 6- Love No Limit- Mary J. Blige, 7- So Gone- Monica, 8- You Don't Know My Name- Alicia Keys, 9- Rain On Me- Ashanti, 10- Can't Take My Eyes Off You-...
  18. Giselle

    HowDoTheyCompare?:Music & Fashion From The Late 90s & Early 2000s vs Now

    What was different about music back then (late 90s early 2000s vs now? How was it better/worse? That's all I've been listening to lately. It takes me back to the good old days when I was in grade school. Especially the early 2000s music :mjcry: I found this playlist on youtube that had so many...
  19. DANJ!

    NEW: DJ DANJ keeps comin' back with #MORE&MOREBLENDS!!

    on SOUNDCLOUD: and on MIXCLOUD: had to get on my blend shyt... checkitout!! 1- Rock the Boat b/w Summertime... 2- Sexy Love b/w Doin It... 3- Return of the Mack b/w Get U Home... 4 Blackberry Molasses b/w Story To Tell... 5- Best Friend b/w If I Ruled The World... 6- Regulate b/w...