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  1. TEH

    Take care of your man :dame:

  2. Mjgrin 6 Certs 6 Figures

    Mjgrin 6 Certs 6 Figures

  3. M

    Positive Thread: How many of you here are in meaningful careers that you enjoy?

    We've heard more than enough from the NEETs, the retail workers and the eternally miserable we have on this forum. I'd like to hear from those of you that enjoy what you do. I expect to see a lot of my fellow IT brehs here, any brehs in trucking and other trades I'd also like to hear from you.
  4. GatorStaceyAdams

    One of the 4 Black CEOs in the Fortune 500 shares ‘secret’ for success

    Y'all wanna guess what the secret is???:lolbron: :dead: https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/27/mt-bank-ceo-rene-jones-on-the-secret-weapon-to-his-success.html
  5. DrexlersFade

    Which one of you Coli 6 figure 6 cert members out here looking for a date:mjlol:

    Which one of you coli ballers is this:russ: Must make a minimum of 120 k annualy :ehh: #Alpha:mjgrin:
  6. ATownD19

    Black Friday savings have arrived. Udemy Courses on sale $9.99

    Get Udemy Black Friday Deals Here Eat :blessed:
  7. Macallik86

    PSA brehs: Check your local library to see if you get LinkedIn Learning for free

    We are all about getting to the bag professionally here. This is the easiest way to stack your skillset (and resume) for free. They have access to hundreds of courses that are all professionally done and have been taken by millions in the professional world. Whether you are brushing up on your...
  8. Regine Hunter

    What are some transitioning roles individuals looking to get into IT/Cybersecurity can apply for?

    I've been working with a career coach for a few months. She’s been helping me plan what certifications and networking groups to research, fixing up my resume and teaching me how to sell myself in an IT market. Since I’d be doing a full on career change (I do admin for government departments)...
  9. ÆTHER

    The Coli Has To Put On a Spelling Bee

    shyt would be :gladbron: Set up a bunch of conference calls on Saturdays, record them and post them on YouTube at the end of each round. We can use a conference format seeing as The Coli essentially has 2 posting crews based on the time of day. Give these guys 7 seconds so they don't have time...
  10. Child_Of_God

    IT brehs, What can I expect for the A+ 901 exam?

    I am planning on taking it in October, I have been studying for 2 weeks now as well as taking a bunch of practice exams but my weak spots are really the hardware. I have no experience with fixing and building computers at all so most of the shyt that professor messer is explaining to me sounds...
  11. Germms

    Anyone take the CASP CAS-002 Exam?

    I have a lil goal I set aside for myself this year. I already have net +, a+, sec+ so I am trying to just climb the ladder I guess. I have been juggling between which cert to go for first between the CISSP and the CASP and I decided which I should do. BUT anyway does anyone have any advice...
  12. Easy-E

    There aren't even 400,000 black families worth $1 mil, why do we think we just need to work harder?

    EDIT: Amazon is terrible Go ahead and start a business...Amazon doesn't have to pay sales tax...YOU DO EDIT: This needs to be in the OP And this will get worst ↓↓↓ Skip to 4:00 to watch the most important part White folk have 90% of the wealth in this country and 50% of them have...
  13. Alaafin

    The new Mercedes Benz AMG project one

    :noah: I want one so bad 2.7M :damn:
  14. LightSkinYeshua

    Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?

    Tough enough?
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Can the Blendoor blind hiring app help solve Silicon Valley's diversity issue?

    Kudos to her... Stephanie Lampkin, creator of Blendoor Stephanie Lampkin isn't the typical tech CEO. As a black woman, she is somewhat of a rarity in Silicon Valley, where over 83 percent of tech executives are white and nearly 80 percent are male. The lack of diversity in the tech sector is...
  16. Jimi Swagger

    SAIC Awarded Army Engineering and Software Support Contract – DoD Daily Contracts

    Eat brehs :blessed: Equilon Enterprises, doing business as Shell Oil Products, Houston, Texas (SPE600-17-D-0482), $449,473,339; Exxon Mobil Fuels Lubricants & Specialties Marketing Co., Fairfax, Virginia (SPE600-17-D-0488), $218,399,646; Phillips 66 Co., Houston, Texas (SPE600-17-0476)...
  17. Jimi Swagger

    Silicon Valley tries to spread wealth to Trump's America...including coloureds

    For the 6 certs brehs/brehettes and Californians with Github repos, most may be disinterested. I found it to be a long but insightful read. Photos and descriptions contained in the spoilers. I hope this positively affects you and yours; especially those with their shyt somewhat together who...
  18. Mr Rager

    Starting a new career at 30...Good idea or nah?

    So I'm about to turn 30 soon-ish, and I'm getting ready to jump out of my current career in management (making 60K). I've never had a passion for my current career and every day is a hassle. I want to get into programming, not just for the money, but because there seems to numerous job...
  19. NotAnFBIagent

    How many coli brehs y'all think are actually living that 6 cert 6 figure lifestyle

    Since that seems to be the norm around here :jbhmm: