1. CarltonJunior

    Rich Paul has a signature shoe

    Y'all coppin these Rich Pauls? :russ: He even got gear Rich Paul New Balance 550 BB550RP1 Release Date |
  2. moniemane

    get married brehs..........

  3. O Fenômeno

    Adele gotta be the most overrated PAWG in the past decade

    I put pawg in the title for obvious reasons:troll: Man I been listening to radio more instead of watching tv..(that deserves another thread..same old fukking songs daily). Adele has like 4. Songs in rotation and the mood gets so down and somber when her shyt plays.:russell: She wouldn't be...
  4. Code

    Adele looks different

  5. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Fat bytches turning on Adele

  6. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 12 - Mary J. Blige

    For Day 11 of RTS, Pop princess, Ariana Grande, scored a very modest 6.20/10. The Leaderboard: We got another Queen today...
  7. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 10 - Whitney Houston

    Erykah Badu was rated a 7.3/10 by coli voters. Here is the Leaderboard thread to view current rankings Today we...
  8. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 8 - Mariah Carey

    So Day 7 of RTS featured British superstar singer, Adele. The Coli had a wide range of opinions on her as she caught just about every rating 1-10. Ultimately, the coli settled at a very average "meh" score of a 6.28/10...
  9. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 7 - Adele

    The Coli voters came out hot for Day 6, voting Anita Baker an amazing 8.9 clearly placing her in 1st place so far. Here's the thread: Rankings so far: 1. Anita Baker - 8.9 2. Lauryn Hill - 7.6 3. Beyonce -...
  10. Gold

    Why Is Adele Getting Play on Hip-Hop Stations???

    I don't understand it... :skip: I'm not going to pretend like black people don't listen to Adele (judging from how many threads have been made about her) But how is she rap/hip-hop/r&b? I've even heard some black people try to say that Adele is R&B, which just lets me know that people don't...
  11. Ray Junior

    Opinion on Adele 25??

    Have any of you brehs heard Adele's 25 album yet? If so please comment your opinion on the album. Anyways breh what y'all think of the album? Also it is fukking ridiculous that she sold 2 mill in 3 days, not even Taylor Swift can do those numbers.
  12. King Kreole

    Adele's new joint "When We Were Young" y'all....she got the juice

    When she hit that jawn at 4:30 though... :lawd: :lawd: The bytch is back :wow:
  13. ManBearPig

    What the hell ever happened to Adele?

    She dropped a Diamond album and never heard about her ever again