1. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    What's your personal experience/How often have you been called...

    Akata N*gg*r N*gga Are there any you embrace? Why? Are there any you resent? Why? Let's talk about it foreal... This shyt needs to be unpacked for once :jbhmm:
  2. Akatas aren't africans

    Akatas aren't africans

  3. BushidoBrown

    @Uncle Hotep asks the tough questions to the community

    this is a very legit question @Uncle Hotep, thank you for posing it in a public forum that being said, the family has a few questions for you as well are you yourself not a PAWG conniosseur extrordinaire? :mjpls: is the your daughter who is frequently featured in your driving youtube videos of...