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  1. FAH1223

    Shams: Kyle Kuzma could command $20M-$25M per year contract; Update: Stays in DC for 4 years $90M

  2. FAH1223

    DeJounte Murray takes shot at San Antonio Spurs to fan: "You Gone Be Losing For The Next 15 Years! Problem's Bigger Than Basketball!"

    :picard: JULY :blessed:
  3. Rell Lauren

    Atlanta Hawks fully embrace city's stereotype

  4. Archangel

    Has any team drafted as well as the ATL Hawks in recent years?

    I'm giving props where they are due. I wasn't sold on Trae coming outta college but he proved me wrong. Collins is a stud. I already knew Hunter would translate well to the NBA. Cam got potential. Huerter a gunner from deep. They could very well challenge for a playoff spot within the next year...
  5. Dahell Hawks

    Dahell Hawks