back in the day

  1. SNYC

    All-Star Baseball

    Before 'The Show', you had ASB running things. Part of my N64 collection I used to wear out Even had John Sterling & Michael Kay on commentary :gladbron:
  2. Rhapture

    The "Digit Ho" episode of A Different World has to be one of its Top 5 funniest episodes

    The episode where everyone thought Terrell taped a piece of paper that said "Digit ho" on Charmaines back but it was really her fake ass roommate Gina :mjlol: Terrell was one of the best characters of the last season.
  3. MischievousMonkey

    Africans Back in the Day: Photos & Pictures Collection

    Alright, so there we go… I hesitated between doing this here, in the Locker Room, or in the Root. But since the Root is dead because of yall non-intellectual fukkery-addicted brehs (:dead: I’m just playing I’m the same), I thought why not post it where it will get the more traffic? If it turns...
  4. BelieveBeOK

    90's brehs, if this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, you a straight up demon

    Not a 90's breh (born in 92 but grew up in the 2000's) but this shyt got me damn near choking This nostalgia trip got me thinking of the shyt I'll be reminiscing on when I'm an old breh :to: Come on you demons, show yourselves :damn:
  5. M

    What was happening in the 60s and 70s that was causing such a high murder rate?

    People talk about the murder rate nowadays like it's out of control, but in the 60s and 70s nikkas were blowing each other's heads off like it was going out of style:picard:Was David Ruffin & Tammi Terrell having nikkas go crazy?
  6. Jean Jacket

    The Smart Girl

    A pencil rolls off of the desk...snare roll and fade on the floor... Coy and flirting eyes catch. 4th period...last shot.. overtime... The bravado staccato, crescendo'ed to the max degree had blazed through it's launch and on the return to Earth. Found a Diamond. Precious for the one that...