1. Insa Tum-Tum

    cousin bang and kanye west, oh cam in here too

  2. Blankthawtz

    Big Bang Theory Season 12 (Final Season)

    gonna miss the hilarity...but it was overdue to come off the air.....:mjcry:
  3. knickscrusaderm

    How is this not the biggest song of the summer :wow:

    Chief Sosa Chamberlain :wow:. From Love No Thotties to Can You Be My Friend :wow:. That artistic growth :troll:. ♩♩She (@misery) take it sloooow then she wine it up (wine it up)♩♩ ♩♩I'm showing loooooove but it's not enough :sadcam: (not enough)♩♩ ♩♩Girl you look fine like winnnnne :damn...
  4. Curry for 3. . .

    Curry for 3. . .