be a cōon brehs

  1. DrexlersFade

    Is this one the greatest scene in movie history?????

    Not you Stephen you right where you belong :mjlol: I got count 6 shots I count 2 guns nikka :russ:
  2. DrexlersFade

    BrothaZay out here being a c00n once again:snoop:

    He was the only one to thumbs up this post from a poster who is now banned For anyone needing context of the post.
  3. blqbird

    Y'all ever seen some shyt like this?

    Was just browsing Youtube early in the morning and this popped up in the recommendations. This what I get for watching too many animal videos. I have to admit, it's pretty heartwarming. Won't catch me fukking around with no wild animals though. :ufdup:
  4. ThrobbingHood

    “ AMERICAN Blacks dont appreciate opportunity as much as Hispanics/immigrants” L.Deezy

    L.Deezy L.Deezy So because you’re a shytty father you’re going to project that onto Black America? You boot licking self hating Sambo. :scust: