beyonce knowles

  1. CopiousX

    No coliArticle on Beyoncé, Ivy, and blackface?

    I’m surprised nobody has posted this yet, but last week Beyoncé’s Ivy Park was accused of “black fishing” which looks a lot more like subtle blackface to me. They used White Russians in an ad and used them to mimic black women by giving them curls, braids, and skin treatments. My issue is...
  2. I'm Blackman

    Beyonce Response to Ass Surgery Rumors?

    (just an excuse to post some ass pics) Did Beyonce respond to the ass shot rumors from her Ivy Park ads on the savage remix? :patrice: This is important, the people need to know. "Big B and that B stand for bands / If you wanna see some real ass, baby, here's your chance," "Texas up in this...
  3. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Tracks you didn't know or forgot todays top artist recorded early in their career

    I'm just now discovering Beys version of "In Da Club" lol. I like how she did her vocals at the end. 50s discography lowkey has aged the best out of his colleagues.
  4. 23 Savage

    Silkk the Shocker used to deliver stiff cock to Beyonce?

    2:20 he starts talking about Beyonce 2:47 "You and Beyonce still keep in touch?" "Nah I don't think Jay-Z would like that too much":scusthov:
  5. SheWantTheD

    Why Is Kanye West Demonized For His God Complex But Beyonce Isn't?

    Neither of them follow anyone on social media.