black twitter

  1. Midnight Marauder

    Coil’s father TARIQ NASHEED wants to remove RBG flag

  2. Rhapture

    Sarah Silverman tried to chastise black people about twitter responded 😭

  3. SNYC

    Twitter to experiment with subscriptions?

    They already have their version of IG stories called 'Fleets' I see certain tweets being moved to N$FW Twitter. Jack wants a piece of that OnlyFans, viral thot challenge $$ :francis: Twitter confirms plans to experiment with new models, like subscriptions, in 2021 Twitter is continuing to...
  4. WakandanPride

    Twitter is using Trevante Rhodes to shyt on MBJ

    Why cant more than one black male actor coexist in big movies? I dont know why these people pit them against each other, while millions of cacs named Chris can get shine.
  5. BushidoBrown

    The realest thread you will see about #BlackPanther on Twitter

    he made some good points :ehh: end of the day its just a movie, people shouldnt be looking for it to liberate an entire race of people in amerikkka :manny: propaganda is real tho :dame: it goes on, not gonna post the whole thing but yall get the point TL;DR - black panther...
  6. BushidoBrown

    Killer Mike stands in support of Dr Umar, black Twitter responds :mjpls:

    peep the responses to this tweet you woulda thought cacs would be the maddest but black ppl showing out to kick this man while hes down :mjpls: :whew: all these :mjpls:ass nikkas yea we know Umar isnt perfect but i at least believe his intentions are pure and wants to see progress...
  7. BruhManFromTheFifthFlo

    Can’t please these sheabutter feminist

    You can’t please these sheabutter feminist hoes , brehs. Now this girl comes and drops some statistics that you’d think would make them happy, right? :jbhmm: Wrong:ufdup: Can’t plesse these hoes, brehs :yeshrug:
  8. Jimi Swagger

    Twitter CEO says new tools to fight online abuses are almost here and Vizio spying

    2 articles in 1 Sooner than later would be better Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says – on Twitter, of course – that the social network is “taking a completely new approach to abuse on Twitter.” No, not dishing it out, but rather trying to tamp down on the complaints about hate speech and...
  9. MajorVitaman

    The Members of Shea Butter Twitter

    I didn't see a thread about this but here's an interesting article from Melanoid Nation Identifying Members Of Shea Butter Twitter | There's the rest of the article :mjpls:
  10. Kane

    Black Twitter slams Wendy Williams for comments about historically black colleges and NAACP

  11. Kane

    Black Twitter goes in on Lauryn Hill after she shows up two hours late to Atlanta show

    Lauryn Hill slammed after arriving two hours late to Atlanta show Ready ... or not. Everything is everything to Lauryn Hill — except showing up on time to her own concerts. Fans and critics alike ripped the ‘90s R&B icon Friday night after she took the stage at an Atlanta gig more than two...
  12. SirReginald

    Us Black Folk Need To Come Together & BUILD A FOUNDATION? (We Need To Start A Coli MOVEMENT)

    How do you think we could come together and build a strong foundation? We have the resources to have great financial capitol going on in our community :manny: What are your thoughts on that? I feel that we really need to unite. To do that we have to stop tearing one another down :manny...