1. Ruck

    Still thee most beautiful woman I have ever seen in any film

    Even when she sassy :picard: Breh. Since 1993 when this movie came out. Nothing has ever topped her. Nothing! :noah:
  2. HopeKillCure

    Ya'll got to watch this football robbery *crying*

    Share if you can yall. :russ: Shyte got me in tears it is so relatable :laff:Yo:Deadtrumper:
  3. LightSkinYeshua

    Post some new R&B... none of that R&B rap shyt tho

    Just discovered this nikka. He dope warning: NSFW- Cacs but that shyt bumps
  4. Malik1time

    French train surfing brehs almost get caught by police (POV footage)

    not gunna lie it looks cool:ehh: all fun and games till they slip off :damn: