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  1. CopiousX

    Thank God for black people doing bad business....blessed.

    On the coli We love to complain about black folks doing bad business in food service industry, in contracting, in repair, in office settings, in retail settings, etc. Usually due to bad customer service or unprofessionalism relative to our nonblack peers. But one such brotha saved my skin...
  2. Jimmy from Linkedin

    Businessmen of The Coli, what did you do to feel this way?

    Have you ever felt this way? What did you do to earn it?
  3. Hater's Liberator

    Im not crying breh .. I just got some smoke in my eyes

    :mjcry: Cliffs : :wow:
  4. S

    BI Dev/Data Analyst/Data Science and Careers (Official Discussion Thread)

    This is for talking about all things: Reporting (ex: Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, Excel) ETL BI Development Data Science Data Analyst Data Engineering Data Mining Machine Learning Certifications, tutorials, online classes, work experience, etc should be talked about here.