chaka khan

  1. Spiritual Stratocaster

    Whats up with all the covers of PRINCE- I FEEL FOR YOU

    Was it like some sort of lowkey dissing or a joke to cover that one song? Sorta like a "a woman should be singing that song not you" type of thing. Note the song was written for Patrick rushed by Prince...she declined that and 'Wanna be Your Lover' Millie Jackson reworked I wanna be your...
  2. FluffyEyes

    Chaka Khan speaks on Mary J Blige "fukking up" her cover of 'Sweet Thing'

    I'm sorry I cackled at this but I love both versions :lolbron: Chaka said Mary was flat the whole song and asked Mary what time of day she recorded it :dead: Edit: She also said Mariah being ahead of her on the best vocalist list was "payola" :damn:
  3. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Chaka Khan on Ariana Grande "fukk her"

    :blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed: BLACK QUEEN :blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed::blessed:
  4. Archangel

    Rate This Singer - Female Edition - Day 29 - Chaka Kahn

    Fantasia came in with a solid 7.61/10 placing her at number 11 so far. Leaderboard: ________________________________________ Day...
  5. Jean Jacket

    Papillon aka Hot Butterly 1980 Chaka Khan **

    .Cocoa butter and jellies. pigtails and SNES Mario 3. .Summer charcoal burn. smiles and love. .Memories of a simpler time. Auntie's hips bumped this record while doing the electric slide...