1. Luken

    Coli Militants Dont Do Anything S01E02: Your Fellow Man

    Bought 200+ blankets from ikea to give out to the homeless and those less fortunate than me. Im not a bytch ass tariq worshipping locker room fake militant so ill be giving them out to black and non black people alike. Preference will be given to my fellow melinated brethren though. Podcast...
  2. Luken

    Coli Militants dont do anything S01E01: XMAS

    might turn this into a regular series by yours truly, TLR nikkas be posting about it but dont be about it. bought and donated a Myriad of diapers to a womans shelter that specifically takes care and looks out for single black mothers and their children. black shelters dont get as much exposure...
  3. Seoul Gleou

    Let's use's TLR for good [UPDATE: DONATION MADE! THANK YOU ALL]

    Thanks to everyone that participated this year. Especially for the MVPs that have posted almost daily from when the thread was started. This has been the most successful run we've had since this inception. Every cent counts and those of you who helped have done your part to help our brothers and...
  4. JadeB

    This child needs your help (Sickle Cell Match)

    I came across this ad on Instagram and I felt like I had to share this here. They still hadn't a found a match as of now. It's quick and easy to register and 100% free. Join Now!
  5. TheGodling

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival on Youtube (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Venice) - starting May 29

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival is a 10-day digital festival, co-curated by 20 international film festivals from across the world to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts. Discover and watch films during this first ever 10-day global film festival co-curated by over 20 film festivals from...
  6. C

    The Flipper co-star who was sent to live in a Dolphinarium, sexually abused and died abandoned

    Margaret Howe Lovatt When she was in her early 20s, Margaret Howe Lovatt lived on the Caribbean Island of St. Thomas, where she had a laboratory to research dolphins. The director of the lab, Gregory Bateson, allowed her to observe dolphin behavior despite her lack of scientific training. At...
  7. Rhule the World

    Are wealthy blacks banned from helping the black community?

    Hear me out brehs..... I don't mean just saying "Here, $30,000 for every black person in America guys, yay!" That makes no sense. But I mean in the sense of having a foundation that has specific goals of aiding black-owned institutions/black communities around the country/world. Quick story...
  8. Rhule the World

    The top African-American philanthropists in the country

    Oprah Winfrey, Harpo Productions The richest black American, Oprah Winfrey recently launched a miniseries Queen Sugar, co-produced with filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and megachurch drama Greenleaf. On the philanthropic end, she's a top donor to the new National Museum of African American History and...
  9. Jimi Swagger

    A Philanthropic Sea Change, Or Is It a Tsunami?

    November 12th, 2017; OUPblog and eJewish Philanthropy There is a not-so-quiet storm brewing in the structure of philanthropy. From 1911 when the Carnegie Foundation was established through the beginning of the 21stcentury when the Gates Foundation was founded, men and women of wealth have seen...
  10. Black Panther

    Post Some Good Charities

    Logged into Amazon this morning and saw a popup for Amazon Smile. They give you recommendations for charities like the American Red Cross and Big Cat Rescue, but I'm good on those :scusthov: They do allow you to name a charity you want Amazon to contribute to, though. :leon: Interested to see...
  11. Y2Dre

    Kaepernick starts GoFundme for Somalia (already 2 secured 60 ton cargo Jets)

    Put your money where your mouth is brehs. Possible sticky? @cook @Brooklynzson
  12. Jimi Swagger

    J Prince Hip-hop Superbowl fish fry for the homeless

    Nice when millionaires give back. They are even turning it up at church with that music; wish I were there to support :stylin: HOUSTON - Houston’s homeless mingled with hip-hop royalty at an all-you-can-eat party downtown on Monday. Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince hosted a Super Bowl fish...
  13. WEED

    Jadakiss In The Streets Feeding The Poor

  14. Luke Cage

    Mayweather Sends Strip Club Tax Forms :heh:

    You said he'd be broke within a year :umad: You said he spends too much money :umad: Said he doesn't understand Finances :umad: Floyd Mayweather sends $20K tax bill to strip club Money writing off his strip club donations for a lower tax bracket. Meanwhile y'all still donating to churches...