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  1. FAH1223

    PJ Washington re-signs with the Hornets on a 3-year $48M pact

  2. DrexlersFade

    New Michael Jordan memes just dropped MJ watching the Hornets:mjsad:

    The only way the GOAT is catching his Karma for all his scumbaggey shyt he's pulled throughout the years :mjsad:
  3. Morose Polymath

    Clifford Says No Time For Music, But Half The Squad Got A Rap Sheet: Charlotte Hornets 2022-23 Season Thread

    In an Off-season mired in a coaching fiasco and plenty of off-court troubles to make the infamous Jailblazers smirk, the Charlotte Hornets are embarking on a season filled with uncertainty. Not sure, if they are going to push for a better season and higher playoff position or blow it up and tank...
  4. Morethan1

    Charlotte Hornets coach fired

  5. B

    Isaiah Thomas signs with Charlotte for rest of the season

    Congrats IT,even had some bytch boys on here who thought he couldn’t do it,I’m always right remember that,told y’all he’d get it done! THE MARATHON CONTINUES
  6. B

    Lamelo Ball: 32,11,8 last night.

    Averaging 20,7,7 for the season so far and averaging 21,9,8 his last 10 games Lavar laughing at all you clowns now,he said Melo the best Ball kid and he definitely is. But could Melo truly become the best PG in the league at some point? He’s 6’7 with no weaknesses.
  7. Morose Polymath

    No Jab In Ya Veins, Then No Nikkas At My Games: 2021-22 Charlotte Hornets Season Thread

    The vaccine has been a big topic leading into the 2021-22 NBA Season and the Charlotte Hornets owner is a firm believer in "Science" and the NBA's Covid-19 Vaccine policy. A controversial topic that has somewhat overshadowed the upcoming season. However, this young Charlotte Hornets team is...
  8. Morose Polymath

    Lavar Tried To Son The GOAT, But The Ball In MJ's Court Now: Charlotte Hornets 2020-21 Season Thread

    We are in the midst of a new NBA Season in the COVID era, and the Charlotte Hornets hope to make waves this year. Key moves in this offseaon include giving Nic Batum his walking papers and trading for the under-performing CAC Gordon Haywood. :mjpls: However, the biggest move made this...
  9. Morose Polymath

    Will A Monk Still Need A Walker To Travel Miles By Season's End?: 2K18-19 Charlotte Hornets Thread

    The NBA 2K18-19 season is upon us and Buzz Family seems like we've been stuck in NBA Purgatory since the Hive came back to The QC. There's a few major issues we need to resolve by the end of the year that could completely change the face of this franchise. The first key issue is the complete...
  10. Pressure

    [Kemba] Walker Charlotte Ranger :russ:

    Why they do Kemba like that breh? :mjlol: I literally blame :mjpls: for this. .