1. B

    Car-Free Living Takes Off in Car-Centric Cities A rendering of The Plant, a converted industrial space envisioned as the anchor for a car-free development in Houston. Rendering courtesy of Concept...
  2. J

    How does Houston plan without zoning laws?

  3. J

    LA is grimier than I thought

    I've lived here for a month (Long Beach) and so far this city looks pretty rough for a place said to be full of hopes and dreams. It's really industrial, there's trash everywhere, and some parts just straight up stink. Granted, I only been to the area around Figueroa, Slauson and Florence, Boyle...
  4. J

    Atlanta brehs: should Atlanta have their own neighborhood signs?

    Inspired by this thread What about palm trees?:patrice:
  5. pickles

    Do you like where you live? State/city

    Do you like where you live? Tell us why? or why not Where would you like to move to? live instead. I live in South Jersey. I getting tired of it, I want to move to Florida, be near the ocean and the weather. Or Arizona even though I heard it is :mjpls:
  6. I

    Happy Birthday Chicago - Founded by a Black Man 184 Years Ago

    The most majestic city in America. :wow:
  7. I

    Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Cities

    Alpha++ city New York Every few years, cities are rated ranked by the Globalization and World Rankings Research Institute. It is considered the leading institute ranking world cities. Cities are ranked into Alpha, Beta and Gamma cities by taking into account many factors; economic factors are...
  8. Neuromancer

    What city is the coli the most obessed with?

    Just based on the sheer amount of threads made what city has the coli hanging off its nuts the most?
  9. K

    OKC Thunder to stretch or buyout Melo

    :mjgrin:Damn homie... In High School, you was the man, homie. :philjacksonlol: @Mr. Jack Napier :philjacksonlol::philjacksonlol::philjacksonlol:
  10. Crude Abolitionist

    New Thot City... The Coli ranks the best city for thots.

    I'm still coming up with a list doing research what yall got? :mjgrin:
  11. Leasy

    Ever went to a city or location where you felt bad energy or dreadful feeling?

    I was reading up on Madison Wisconsin and seen that they massacred Indians by the hundreds. The capital building is build on top of a old Indian burial ground and I stayed in a hotel across the street there. Before I had knowledge of this, the entire time I was there I had a horrible...
  12. M

    Sha Hustle – City Ft. Roy Wood$ & Rodzilla

    DOWNLOAD Sha Hustle – City Ft. Roy Wood$ & Rodzilla
  13. lowkey0z

    top 9 cities for the ugliest people

    b-more :scust: makes perfect sense to be at #1 :hubie:
  14. Jimi Swagger

    Five Maps That Improve Our View Of America’s Megaregions

    It’s a fact of modern geography that traditional political maps fail to capture the real outlines of American communities. Cities and states have for some time been slowly subsumed into economic megaregions created by people choosing to live and work at greater distances. For most people...
  15. M

    Why DO People HATE on Atlanta??

    I notice on this site, anytime ATL is mentioned, most GUYS make some comment to the effect of how GAY ATL is usually in reference to MEN and so-called down low guys...:snoop: I have to ay this first: ATL has a gay population, and supposedly midtown is a gay friendly area. I have also lived in...