1. NoirDynosaur


  2. TreySav

    You can only pick 4 black comedians

    Who you got? 🤔 Honorable mention Edit:
  3. President Sakora

    Earthquake - That woman does not love Will

    incredible interview, very funny, insightful, and full of wisdom.
  4. President Sakora

    TI says he is forgoing 100K shows weekly to do free comedy.

    does anyone actually believe this? i mean genuinely? isn't he all about the money? sounds like he's tryna find another hustle that he can fill arenas up using. i for one do not believe he's forgoing 100K shows every week to workout his comedy, surely one can do both seeing as how 1 show...
  5. JadeB

    Found the Colombian version of King Bach

    Login • Instagram longa_xx on Instagram: || El Cacho Ya No Está Doliendo || Comenta Si Ya Lo Escuchaste Apoyo A @nazza_ariel @lacubanamina @cumbamba_ . . . . . . . . .… longa_xx on Instagram: ❌ @eljuanpaa_ Es Una Persona Muy #Expota Etiqueta A Esa Persona EXPOTA EXPOTA . . . . . . ...
  6. Cape Town JHB

    Official Godfrey Comedian (In Godfrey We Trust Podcast)

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for not having an official thread on Godfrey. He's got the funniest podcast going for me. I will try and post what I deem to be the top 3 or top 5 In Godfrey We Trust Podcast episodes, considering he has over a hundred, for those unfamiliar with his...
  7. shutterguy

    Earthquake : Classic Comedy

    He is literally in my Top 5 of all time: Robin Harris Earthquake Bernie Mack Bruce Bruce Don DC Curry Add on....
  8. Ruck

    Chicago has the greatest comedic talents hand down #Appreciation

    Bernie Mac, Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor (Peoria), Corey Holcomb, Adele Givens, Robin Williams, Godfrey, Deon Cole, Deray Davis, Lil Rel, Hannibal Burress, Tony Baker, Geoff Brown Please add on if i forgotten someone. Its just crazy the amount of talent that came from the CHI. As much as the...
  9. M

    INSTANT KARMA: Typical Angry Dyke Harasses Hardworking Black Man at Work & Gets OWNED

    Annoying ass heckler with the same voice as every dyke ever and prolly the same look (you know looking like a fat lil wayne, dressed in the flyest gear of 2002) "She probably got kids, You ain't no real dyke." :dead::dead::dead::dead::dead: Angry Dyke: "lemme tell you sumtin.." "Erica...
  10. Jimi Swagger

    dikk Gregory talks Donald Trump Scandal, NO Election 2016 & Martial Law

    For the hoteps and conspiracy realists. 84 Years Young. VladTV better interview him soon.
  11. M

    Brave American Comedian VS 400 British Hecklers in London

    This guy went on after the crowd had booed the previous 25 comics:dame: -- At this point he realized he was performing in front of a Trump type crowd (read: simple minded idiots) & STR8 SHYT ON THEM :mjlol: An American- in London- Shytting on English ppl calling them savages & animals :blessed: