damn damn damn

  1. 2 Up 2 Down

    Hell on Earth: Inside the epicenter of Brazil's mutant covid strain

  2. Trill McClay

    Hair Treatment Gone Wrong (NSFW)

    Dr. Sebi's Hair Follicle Fortifier Gone Horribly Wrong :huhldup::huhldup: :damn:
  3. LightSkinYeshua

    Professor walks into class....

    Take out a number 2 pencil and pass back the scantrons.. :merchant: *turns to shawty sitting on the left* Me: We got a test today? :why: Shawty: Yeaaa. our Final exam.... didnt u see she posted the final review 2 weeks ago?...:dahell: Me::sadcam: Shawty: :huhldup: Yall ever went through...
  4. JB wow damn

    JB wow damn