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    BI Dev/Data Analyst/Data Science and Careers (Official Discussion Thread)

    This is for talking about all things: Reporting (ex: Power BI, Tableau, SSRS, Excel) ETL BI Development Data Science Data Analyst Data Engineering Data Mining Machine Learning Certifications, tutorials, online classes, work experience, etc should be talked about here.
  2. Jimi Swagger

    German cartel office warns Facebook over personal data collection

    Mehreen Khan Germany’s competition authority has warned Facebook is collecting and transferring data in an “abusive” way from third parties outside its social network, in the latest blow for the social media giant in Europe. In a preliminary ruling, Germany’s cartel office (FCO) said Facebook...
  3. ill

    Steve Ballmer Data Mines Local and Federal Government Spending

    :whoo: This could be huge down the road if properly implemented and used by the public & local governance.