de la soul

  1. Cryptocurrency Scarface

    Rest in Peace Trugoy the Dove from De La Soul passes away at 54

    Rest in Peace Trugoy! What’s the hell is going on ? every hip hop group seems to have lost an OG these days. I’m getting tired of hearing about legends not even reaching their 60s. I’m glad I saw De La Soul Live back in the day it was memorable :mjcry...
  2. djfilthyrich

    Mixtapes & EPs De La Soul Is Dead 30th Anniversary

    The classic De La Soul Is Dead album recently celebrated it's 30th Anniversary, so you know I had to pay homage with a tribute mix of blends and original samples. Where do y'all rank it in their discography? EDIT: Soundcloud link added
  3. TheDarceKnight

    De La Soul - Mr Big Mouf Part 2 (prod. Khrysis) [2021]

  4. Morose Polymath

    Black Youth are the GOAT :wow:

    :wow: :wow: :wow: Source track for those uninformed. R.I.P. J Dilla :mjcry:
  5. TheEmpress

    [New Video] Bruse Wane - Highlander Freestyle Revisited

    [NEW VIDEO] Bruse Wane - Highlander Freestyle Revisited Bruse Wane lets loose the official visuals for his remastered highlander Freestyle revisited audio. According to Wane Enterprises the release symbolizes the impending release of Bruse Wane's "The Bat Man Should Have Been On It 2 Mixtape...
  6. Da Rhythm Rebel

    BET Rap City Christmas Show (1989) featuring Run DMC, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, MC Lyte & More

    Rap City Christmas show hosted by Chris Thomas. Crazy this was 30 years ago! :ahh: Run DMC & Jam Master Jay LL Cool J & 3rd Bass De La Soul Fat Boys, Chuck Chillout & Cool Chip Finale featuring all the groups singing Jingle Bells w/ Buffy doing the beat box
  7. Da Rhythm Rebel

    BET Rap City 1989 Christmas Show feat. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Fat Boys, De La Soul & others (Videos)

    couple of video excerpts: Run DMC & Jam Master Jay :mjlol: at the end of this clip LL Cool J & 3rd Bass De La Soul Fat Boys & Chuck Chillout & Cool Chip
  8. Jx2

    It's Like That by De La Soul Appreciation

    :mjcry: It's like, New York without a New York yanks Better yet, New York without the New York franks It's like hot summers without no A.C Or never hitting numbers when you go to A.C It's like six years of your life, go ask Rob I'm like "Yo how is it?" he like "It's like hard" Trying for that...
  9. GPBear

    ATCQ "Scenario" Demo w/ De La & Black Sheep

    :dwillhuh: De La released a demo of Scenario with ATCQ, LONS, themselves AND Black Sheep!? With like a new Phife verse. Oh my god. I didn't see @Deltron say anything about it and he's the dude who usually beats me to these underground gems, so forgive me if I'm double posting, less than 1000...
  10. IronFist

    De La Soul - ....And the Anonymous Nobody Album Discussion Thread

    The tracklist for new album of De La Soul is out so we can see how many songs and features are there on upcoming album “and the Anonymous Nobody”. 1. “Genesis (Intro)” Feat. Jill Scott 2. “Royalty Capes” 3. “Pain” Feat. Snoop Dogg 4. “Property of” Feat. Roc Marciano 5. “memory...
  11. beejus

    De La Soul Surprise-Release ‘For Your Pain & Suffering’ EP

    Haven't listend to this yet. Old school hip-hop fans non-plussed by Drake’s VIEWS hype today got a rare gift of their own for the weekend. De La Soul, who haven’t released an album as a trio since 2004’s The Grind Date, surprised their supporters with the new For Your Pain & Suffering EP. The...