1. Playaz Eyez

    Start From Scratch - No More Booty Play In The H - [Texans Thread 2022-2023]

    Wanted to make a new thread and wash my hands of a whole bunch of the garbage from the previous seasons. We know the deal about Watson, and after so many details have come out, I feel different know compared to how I felt when he initially made his trade request. Basically, a lot of the fans got...
  2. Rell Lauren

    Fellas, you bring a woman back to the spot after a night out only to see this. What do you do?

    Thread was inspired by a Twitter post on my timeline. Personally, she would have to go.
  3. Milk N Cookies

    #teamlilbigbooty deception

    Brehs, it's not safe out there. We women have weaves, make up, butt injections, boob jobs, and more. But now the lil big booty squad. There is a spanx like slimmer with butt pads. Now you can go from having a pancake back side to having a lil something to grab... The lies won't ever stop...