1. intruder

    The Denver nuggets will eventually retire number 15 and it won’t be Melo on the back

    This IG post yesterday made me realize this. Some think that number should have never been available for Jokic to get in the first place? Like the Nuggets should have taken it out of circulation in anticipation of retiring it for Melo Or do the Nuggets owe Melo nothing since he never won...
  2. Ruck

    Denver Nuggets might actually win it all

    The fukkery that will ensue here. Im rooting for the joker man :bryan:
  3. M

    Coli-Rado: The Official Denver City/Metro Area Thread

    Instead of bumping the Rate the City thread, I wanted to create a discussion thread for the Mile High City. @Flexington @Slaimon Khan Shah @Imyremeshaw @Blessings
  4. FAH1223

    Reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokić expected to sign 5-year $241M max extension with Nuggets

  5. M

    Why does every young black/Hispanic chick in Colorado have 2-3 kids?

    Been out here for a couple weeks, planning on moving here after I finish school in May. These hoes got nothing to live for? 25 with 3 kids? I've never seen it like this in any other metro area. Any Denver nikkas here?
  6. Yinny

    2019-2020 Denver Nuggets: A Sweet N Sour Season Thread

    We outchea, figured I’d kick this off since I didn’t see no love for my spicy team! Jokic we got this, Finals 2020 I’m claiming it!
  7. The Gimp

    I get Mile High as a kite, endzone wit Mahomes slingin guns we on fire tonight KC vs DEN MNF thread

  8. Flex Grossman

    Dynasty Mode: 2023-24 Defending Champion Denver Nuggets Thread

    @Smoking With Cigarettes @T.he I.nformant fukk it brehs, I know there’s only a few of us, but it’s about time we do a thread. Barton re-signed, Jokic maxed, MPJ drafted..... let’s discuss.
  9. Mr. Jack Napier

    Denver Nuggets EVOLVE

    New Gear Altitude Authentics
  10. Jimi Swagger

    Denver Is Not 'Happily Gentrifying' For Me

    Neighbors protested for days outside ink! Coffee in Five Points, Denver, after a sign joked about gentrification. “Nothing says gentrification like being able to order a cortado,” declares a coffee-shop sign. Its neighbors frankly disagree. Cortado is not just the way you order an overpriced...
  11. William F. Russell

    What You Get Now Is Just A Preview: New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos Game Thread

    The 8-5 Denver Broncos host Bill Belichick and the 11-2 New England Patriots in a late-season matchup that has crucial playoffs implications. Moreover, this could be a matchup in the later stages in the AFC playoffs. A win for the home team brings them one step closer to securing a wildcard...