1. Sinister

    Detox or Compton

    I know there isn't a full fledged Detox but there are A LOT of leaks and even promotional singles and leftovers that were meant for Detox. The other day on here I saw someone say that Compton was better than what was being worked on for Detox. I also have a friend that's like a brother to me...
  2. The True HD

    Y'all ever have a dream involving the Coli

    Backstory: I rarely dream cause I smoke weed daily, however whenever I stop smoking for a day or two I start back dreaming again n be having crazy vivid ass dreams I had a whole dream today about being at a Future concert n for whatever reason I was up close booing the nikka, to the point where...
  3. dp100proof

    Dre is working on Detox

    If this is true Im psyched
  4. Piff Tannen

    Best Detox or cleansers

    Anybody know of or can recommend a good 1 or two-day Detox or body cleanse