1. B

    Transgenic cows boost human insulin production by 10X

    https://newatlas.com/science/cows-low-cost-insulin-production/ Transgenic cows boost human insulin production by 10X By Paul McClure March 13, 2024 Cash cows: Transgenic cattle could boost insulin production and lower its cost Depositphotos VIEW 4 IMAGES VIEW GALLERY - 4 IMAGES A...
  2. B

    In a breakthrough, diabetics’ damaged cells regenerated to produce insulin

    https://newatlas.com/medical/regenerate-pancreatic-beta-cells-insulin-type-1-diabetes/ By Paul McClure January 03, 2024 Researchers have regenerated pancreatic cells damaged by diabetes, reprogramming them to produce insulin Depositphotos Researchers have taken a big step forward in the...
  3. FreedMind

    I've been CRUSHING Chips Ahoy cookies these past two weeks

    First time in my life that I remember ever picking up an actual pack of these fukkers, outside of the snack sizes I'd get when traveling or on the road. When I began eating the first few, I was scust at how sweet they were, but I'm through my second pack now and I was hitting the :ahh: face...
  4. Malik1time

    Jason Fatlock back at it again bashing black people

    He’s an embarrassment to mankind:hhh::hhh: disgusting:hhh::hhh: even Matt Barnes called him out:hhh:
  5. Malik1time

    Burp in front of a camera while chugging water to cure your diabetes brehs

  6. Regular Developer

    How often do you guys go to Doctor/Dentist/Eye Doctor

    I've been making sure I go to the doctor once a year, and the dentist a couple times a year. But during college, I never had a visit of any kind, and that briefly carried over to when I started working a job that offered health insurance. Luckily, I don't have any issues, though I could drop my...
  7. intruder

    Since it's national π (pi) day, whats your favorite pie

    They brought pies to the job today and everyone is arguing/judging those that prefer certain pies over other. So vote or make an entry. You can select 2 choices if needed. Some of y'all about to revoke my black card again but i cant front. I'll take pumkin pie over apple pie or sweet potato...
  8. BaileyPark31

    Fatal accident. Wheelchair goes down an escalator. Family sues.

  9. Jimi Swagger

    Taco Bell and McDonald's are gearing up for a cutthroat battle of the fast-food $1 menu

    Taco Bell is expanding its $1 menu with 20 new offerings planned for 2018. McDonald's is also resurrecting its Dollar Menu in January. Taco Bell's CEO says that the competition over value-conscious fast-food diners is about to heat up. Taco Bell announced it is expanding its dollar menu...