1. Tair

    Summer 2022 Personal Development Thread

    I will be learning C++ over the summer and some other things that I've been pushing off. June-August is the time for discipline so get ready if you are trying to accomplish some personal goals this year.
  2. Apprentice

    Tell me if im tripping

    My mans copped a Pit, it's like 2-3 months old at this point Everytime I'm in the crib, the lil nikka be wilding; biting at me, jumping at me. They be telling him shyt this nikka don't be listening. I've told em multiple times they gotta discipline this dog, they'll put him in the cage for 5...
  3. R

    Self Discipline To The Max - Path Less Taken

    I have watched 25 mins so far, damn I'm impressed :ohhh:. Although you should watch it from the start, skip to 8:27 to see if this is for you.