1. 987654321

    Am I the only one that feels like Dogg Pound’s “Dillinger & Young Gotti” was an unsung classic?

    I remember getting picked up in my big cousin’s car to go visit his college campus and we stopped by the local music store to get some new music. He grabbed the new Dogg Pound album, and immediately put it in when we got in the car. It was a 2 hour ride and he played it non stop. From the...
  2. 2001

    Dr. Dre Interview With LL Cool J

  3. ReturnOfJudah

    Bow Wow was a original member of DPG?

  4. shopant

    Dogg Mobb ( a new album by Mobb deep & DPG ???)

    Just saw this. Is it a new album coming or just a song? Anybody?
  5. Scotch Hall

    Looks like there is a third C Styles !!!!

    Now I'm pretty sure everyone knows there is about 2 Biggie Smalls out there but did u know we got 3 C Styles ?:ohhh: 1) C Styles from the Dogg Pound (Manager, Record label Owner, A&R for Death Row Records, Priority,DPG Recordz,and Street Goon) 2) @C-Styles (Rapper, songwriter, artist,reality...
  6. Deltron

    N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN's Drink Champs Podcast Episode 16: David Banner

    MP3: http://bit.ly/28RhSc0 :pachaha: a drunk Banner could be entertaining. Wonder if this was before or after the club incident. Previous Episodes: Drink Champs Playlist
  7. Danktoker94

    How big was the impact of Dr Dres the Chronic

    :blessed:Just was on my way to work and was bumping the chronic crazy in the whip shieet was bumping smooth in the whip specifically bytches ain't shyt and fukk with Dre day just wanted to hear some opinions how the chronic impacted the rap scene. The Chronic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia