dr umar

  1. Playaz Eyez

    Run down PAWG exposes her man’s batty boy life

    Towards the end it reminds me of that Kevin Hart joke where you tell a woman private stuff and when she gets mad she says it in public :mjlol::mjlol::picard:
  2. Umar lookout Gif

    Umar lookout Gif

  3. Umar Tariq Box 2

    Umar Tariq Box 2

  4. Umar Tariq Boxing

    Umar Tariq Boxing

  5. BushidoBrown

    Killer Mike stands in support of Dr Umar, black Twitter responds :mjpls:

    peep the responses to this tweet you woulda thought cacs would be the maddest but black ppl showing out to kick this man while hes down :mjpls: :whew: all these :mjpls:ass nikkas yea we know Umar isnt perfect but i at least believe his intentions are pure and wants to see progress...
  6. neko_804

    Dr. Umar Johnson talks Bill Maher vs Ice Cube also scolds Dr Eric Dyson in new videos.

    Prince of Panhandling This dude.:mjlol: