1. Reality Check

    [12/21/22] AEW Dynamite Holiday Bash: Elite/Death Triangle Game 5, Shida/Hayter, FTR/Ass Boys, and Accusations!

    AEW Dynamite is Live from San Antonio tonight Game 5: Elite vs. Death Triangle No DQ Match (DT up 3-1) AEW Women's World Title: Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Hikaru Shida Ass Boys Gunn Club vs. FTR Face off between Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland w/Rick Ross making sure accusations are kept to a minimum...
  2. Ruck

    Halo: Combat Evolved Elites has thee funniest sound bites

  3. R

    Tua lookin like real boss outchea!!!!

  4. Ruck

    10 year anniversary of the greatest in game reaction of all time

    My man Hard8. Your favorite commentators favorite commentator. I come back to this every now and then and it always puts me to tears :russ:
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    Fukkery Party

  12. SheriffOG

    Youtube is Facilitating & Monetising the Sexual Exploitation of Children

    I have watched a number of videos on the dark side of western society, satanic practices, political agendas and I am certain that pedophilia is extremely common in our society. Huge rings for exchange of child porn content as well as abduction of children occurs globally and daily. This video...
  13. Jimi Swagger

    As Trump Rages About Immigrants, They Go to the Ivy League

    American sisters born in Cameroon, from left, Ella, Chris and Xaviera. Ten years ago, a family arrived in the Bronx from Yaoundé, Cameroon, not speaking a word of English. This Christmas, they are celebrating a feat that would be impressive for any family: Three of the family’s five daughters...
  14. Born2BKing

    Brehs, correct me if I'm wrong but did Pippen's game have any weakness?

    I mean dude could literally score on an elite level, play defense on an elite level, threat from 3, good free throw shooter, good rebounder, great passer, high basketball IQ. What am I missing? Was there any weaknesses there?