1. RARI_Godwind

    More Trouble in Cryptopia: Wormhole hack swipes $320 mil+

    :francis: Super happy that so many people have heavily invested into crypto, and by virtue it has brought the fckery. This will probably ripple for a while. 6 Cert Cyber Kleptomaniacs maniacs think they Lupin the 3rd out here. Stay safe deregulated brehs. :hubie:
  2. HoloGraphic

    Official NFT Thread

    WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL NFT THREAD A thread to discuss and learn about NFTs. Feel free to post NFTs you own, discuss prices, or just shill your sell. What Are NFTs? From Wiki... Where can I Buy/Sell NFTs? Ethereum Foundation RECUR Solana...
  3. JordanWearinThe45

    1 BTC = $8.2k, it’s up 735% this yr UPDATE 5/19: BTC @ $42k :damn:

    :noah: :wow:
  4. irishfury

    Official CryptoCurrency Thread (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & More)

    So Bitcoin back on the rise. If anyone has a spare 1k-2k I would hop in. Within 6 months it will be 500$ alot of startup companies will have what they're working on out. I'm very close to having a exchange done. Working on security and all the legal aspects. I also went through my old...