1. faq enabler

    faq enabler

  2. Neo The Resurrected ONE

    Drake gay for pay. Who mans is this

    who mans is this?? :dahell: if this is a real vid, he need to fall ALLLL the way back before Pusha screenshot him caressing another man's butt as the cover for the next diss
  3. WakandanPride

    Two Gay Nikkas ruined Infinity War for me!

    Man Im pissed! I went to my second viewing of Infinity War tonight. I picked the perfect seat to watch the film, and I was a seat away from a woman who looked like young Angela Bassett. :ohlawd: We started to chop it up and right before the movie started, this nikka walked in and asked if the...
  4. S

    Vegeta stans can i get an explanation for this

    another angle meanwhile Goku out here putting the world on his back for 2020 :banderas: @Malik1time
  5. Black Cobain

    TLR's Coming out the closet thread (+ poll)

    Celebrating @brother walt 's new banner, I encourage the rest of you down low nikkas to just come out with it. I'll start - I go both ways. :yeshrug: simple as that. Now y'all go.
  6. killacal

    @taxman :scust:

    He really has 8 threads on the front page about various topics all revolving around dikks and measurements :what: @Luken just bumped them all :russ: :russ: