1. Drew Wonder

    The Official Film Room Screenplay Feedback Thread

    Week 1: Drew Wonder Week 2: @VillanoVIII Week 3: @satireprod Week 4: @The Most Hated Ese So I've been looking through the main Screenwriting thread and just from seeing some of the ideas as well as reading a TV spec script I realized there's some serious talent on the coli and a lot of people...
  2. StarClout

    Essential Tell Us What You Think: The Lounge reader feedback thread

    Fellow Lounge Posters... In an ongoing effort to get The Lounger together/more active, I ask you: What do you like/hate about the section? What do you think could be improved? Any ideas you feel that could give the board a shot in the arm? All feedback and criticism is welcomed :salute:
  3. ORDER_66

    Found my Old Beat tape I need feed back. Desperate..

    13 years ago I made beats and I cant believe I found my old beat mixtape. Yes I made some beats when I was young I need feedback...